Nearly six years ago, Atlam Group International was formed with the intention of joining forces with one of the best English Language Schools on the Island. Atlam Group has introduced specialized courses to suit the student’s requirements, with an agreement with Local Schools of English to teach students the English Language Courses.

Our Group has been working hard to offer the best packages for students and we believe that we are in a strong position to say that aim is achieved. Besides offering the courses, we do our utmost to try and make the student comfortable from the day he applies to come and study in Malta. Atlam Group takes care of the coordination between the

student and the school. We make sure that the student has all the necessary documents required for his visa application (if required). Upon his arrival and during his stay here, we will check on the students by regularly contacting the school for follow ups. If a problem occurs whether with the school or with the host family, we will do our utmost to resolve it. All teachers are qualified in their field and for specialized courses, the teachers will be specialized according to the course.

Atlam Group International are proud of their reputation which they have managed to build through hard work. We accept that for any student, especially teenagers, the idea of studying abroad is an adventure which all teenagers would like to explore. While we want our students to have a memorable stay here in Malta and enjoy themselves besides studying, we do not tolerate bad behavior which does not make a good name for the student himself, nor for his country, and neither for the school and for Atlam Group International. So any student that involves himself in any illegal activities will be sent home immediately.