NLCS International Head Office

NLCS was founded in March 2012 by Mr. Pierre Calleja, where at that time, Mr. Pierre Calleja discussed at length with Mr. Khaled Ben Otman, and they decided to co operate together for business ventures in Libya. At that time NLCS was known as New Libya Consulting Services, where it aimed to help Maltese business to establish business relations with their Libyan counterparts. Mr. Ben Otman visited Malta and together with Mr. Pierre Calleja met Dr. Chris Said, at that time Minister of Justice and discussed this aim.

Khaled meeting with Ex Justice Minister Dr Christ Said

Since that time, NLCS never looked back, and several Maltese businesses joined NLCS by becoming members and NLCS introduced many of the said companies to Libyan business companies to establish relations between them and also offer their services to the government sector

Even though Libya was not stable, and sometimes fighting happens between different factions, NLCS still operated in Libya, and Maltese companies still offered their services and worked while others sold their products. As time passed more Libyan agents joined also NLCS, thus the work and opportunities grew for both sides. In fact Mr. Pierre Calleja, up till now, travelled to Libya more than 50 times and several times was joined by Maltese businessmen, to introduce them to Libyan businessmen and even people in the Libyan authorities to discuss together the way forward for possible business ventures. Several companies were successful and established strong relations, whilst others, for various reasons, were less successful.

Pierre meetings with Libya business man

From this year, NLCS has decided to expand internationally, so besides having offices in Libya, we are enrolling agents with NLCS from other countries especially in Middle East and North African countries besides other. So besides Libya, and Maltese company who is with NLCS, its services or products will be also offered to other countries and introduced to possible business counterparts

If you are a Maltese company and wishes to join us, please send us an email on or contact us on +356 7973 6657.

Pierre meeting with Hon Minister Chris Cardona
Mr Ali Ayiate meeting With Hon Rodrick Galdes
Italian Companies talk with Us in Malta
Khaled Ben Otman discuss business for Maltese companies
Khaled Ben Othman on Libya News Paper regarding Oil
Now He is the Chairman of Libya Oil
Pierre with an Italian Company
Meeting held in Fortina hotel with a foreign Company
Libya Office
Projects in Watanija TV Station Libya
Meeting in Malta with one of the big medical suppliers in North Africa
Project for a Milk Factory in Libya
Clear this Patrol Boat from the port of Tripoli
Meeting With High Authority in Tripoli Libya
Meeting With Mr Ali Taher CEO NOC Libya
Meeting with The new Prime Minister of Libya ( Khaled Ben Othman)

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